At playnsafe we are not only think about the environment, quality, safety and good design, we also give high priority to user-friendliness for the fitters

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Fall grass mats 45mm

PlayNSafe 2nd Generation Fall grass mats

  • 0,45 x 97,5 x 108,5 cm
  • Certified up to 1,7 m fall height. EN 1177.
  • Weight 19,1 kg
  • Copla Smart Lock System

Fall grass mats 65mm

PlayNSafe 2nd Generation Fall grass mats

  • 0,65 x 108,5 x 97,5 cm
  • Certified up to 2,3 m fall height. EN 1177.
  • Weight 24,5 kg
  • Copla Smart Lock System

Hemisphere Ø320mm

PlayNSafe Hemisphere

  • 32 x 16 cm
  • Weight 7,7 kg

Sphere Ø320mm

PlayNSafe Sphere

  • 32 x 32 cm
  • Weight 15,5 kg

Why PlayNSafe?

We believe safety can be beautiful and natural.

100% play with 100% security.

100% Design

We develop our products ourselves so that they cover the customer’s needs 100%

100% Europa

We sell and supply to both small and large companies throughout EU

100% Play

Our products have been tested during extreme play

92% Recycling

Our products are made from 92% recyclable rubber


Quick and easy to mount

92% Recycled material

DIN EN 1176/1177 certified to protects kids when they fall.
Up to 2,3 m with the65mm mat. Up to 1,7m with the 45mm mat

Easy access to play for everyone!

Protects the nature and all the small animals living in it

Easy to maintain with a lawnmower

Can be laid directly on soil and sloping surfaces

New locking system. Can be placed offset from each other


”The new generation of fall grass mats is very easy to lay. It only takes a little bit of ingenuity to get a complete and beautiful finish, which our customers greatly appreciate.”

Daniel Katusa Romer

Landscape Gardener

”I think the new function of the fall grass mats to be able to lie staggered is absolutely ingenious – especially with climbing frames and the like. there has a roller coaster attached. Here I have previously experienced that a lot had to be cut off.”

Bastian Valsted

Playground builder