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Welcome to PlayNSafe, where innovation meets safety in the heart of Denmark. We take pride in offering top-tier playground solutions, designed for EU-based companies seeking excellence in safety, quality, and environmental responsibility.

Our Products: Unmatched Safety and Sustainability

PlayNSafe Rubber Mats: Our rubber mats redefine playground safety, meticulously crafted with a Danish touch and using 92% recycled rubber granules. We prioritize not just fun and games but also sustainability, making our mats the ideal choice for playgrounds in Denmark and across the EU.

PlayNSafe Balance Balls: Experience a new level of play with our environmentally friendly balance balls. Made with the same commitment to sustainability, these balls are a unique Danish design, ensuring not just entertainment but also a positive impact on the environment.

Why Choose PlayNSafe?

  1. Danish Excellence:
    Our products are a testament to Danish design and engineering. Every detail is carefully considered to provide the highest standards in safety and aesthetics.
  2. Sustainability at the Core: PlayNSafe is committed to reducing our ecological footprint. Our products, from rubber mats to balance balls, utilize recycled materials, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.
  3. EU-Compliant Safety Standards: Our playground solutions meet and exceed EU safety standards, ensuring the utmost protection for children during playtime.
  4. Tailored for EU Companies: We understand the unique needs of EU-based companies. PlayNSafe products are not just about safety but also about seamless integration into the diverse playground landscapes across Europe.
  5. Exclusive Distributorship Opportunities: Partner with us as an EU-based company and unlock exclusive distributorship opportunities. Offer cutting-edge playground solutions that prioritize safety and sustainability.
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Faldmåtter til græs miljøvenlige faldmåtter til legeplads
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